Paradigm Shifter


      With longevity comes opportunity. Some of the great companies I've been privileged to serve.

My story Part I: Road to Mastery

Work with great companies on important projects. That was my simple strategy for Part I.
I have been fortunate enough to have worked with many great organizations. From developing business IT solutions, to managing large scale projects, to designing business processes and then deploying them, I acquired skills and developed my talent. For many, perhaps most people, Part I is the only part.

My story Part II: Mission - Deliver the absolute best business process design experience, ever.
My mission is to deliver the absolute best business process design experience. The prgram is based on my universal business process simulator and the ePPM GPS methodology which includes both of my advanced modeling frameworks: the Relational Process ModelTM, and the Relational Process information ModelTM.
My mission for Part II is to bring complexity busting frameworks to organizations through books, webinars, and advanced experiential training.

More Perfect by Design

The promise is the product.

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