Mastery: Business Process Architecture, Deployment, Management
Business Process 3.0


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The only true competitive advantage is mastery. Everything else can be bought or rented.

But, mastery cannot be learned. It must be earned. It is a journey you must make. You can make it alone, slowly. Or you can make it with help, more quickly.

We can help you achieve mastery, more quickly, and more cost effectively.

  • Educate: This is about getting knowledge.
    • Through, articles, presentations, webinars, and training we provide you with the knowledge you need on your journey to process mastery.
  • Learn:  This is about acquiring skills. It's the key to excellence.
    • Our advanced simulation based training provides a risk-free environment for developing business process design skills.
    • Our individual and group coaching provides customized help to further build your skills.
  • Master: This is about developing talent. It's the key to innovation.
    • Talent can only be achieved through real world application.
Through our cosulting services, we codevelop custom solutions to your business process problems & opportunities.


Thought Leadership: We have developed the Relational Process Model (RPM) -- a framework that works with your methodology to make value and waste visible.  RPM is unique to us. Through articles, presentations, books, and more, we strive to advance process management through thinking and sharing. We are not afraid of putting our knowledge out there for you to evaluate, use, critique, and profit from.

Experience Based Learning:  Our REAL Inline LearningTM team-based workshops transfer knowledge through designed experiences that lead people to discover priniciples and practices for themselves. Inline means it is an integral part of a specific project. That means the new knowledge gets used right away. The result is much deeper understanding and greater retention and application.

Respect for Existing Good Practices: You've worked hard to put good practices in place. We respect that. Our frameworks are designed to work with existing good practices. If you use Lean, Six Sigma, BPM, Process Reengineering, Program or Project Management, or your own methodology, our framework will boost the effectiveness of your efforts.

Driven by You: The knowledge, motivation, and excellence of your people is the talent that makes a difference. Virtually everything else can be purchased or copied, including technology. We aren't saying other things aren't important. They just can't give you a sustainable advantage. Our approach is to work directly with your people to develop personal and organizational talent


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  • Coaching

  • Cosulting

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